Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for....

I like spiders. Having said that I need to list some exceptions to these feelings of benevolence. I don't like spiders in my bed, on my bedroom ceiling and under the dunny (toilet) seat. I especially dislike them sitting on my dashboard as I hurtle down the freeway at 110kmh. I don't like spiders that sneak up on you and sit on your shoulder or get entangled in your hair.
I like spiders that are in my garden and right where I expect them to be.
The exception to all of this is the Funnel Web Spider. Funnel webs are ranked in the top three most dangerous spiders in the world. I don't want him or her anywhere, especially him.I have never hung around long enough to take a photo of a funnel web. While other arachnid intruders are ushered gently out of my house (after the obligatory "eek"), a funnel web is usually squashed flat within seconds of discovery, lest it run and hide and leave the household in a state of nervous paranoia until it is despatched. In heavily funnel-webbed areas it is unwise to leave shoes outside or on the floor and they are notorious for taking a swim in backyard pools and lying on the bottom for hours.

From Wikipedia- Male Funnel web, deadlier than his wife!

Above and below: Leaf-curler from my garden.
 Interesting to watch as it sets up house.
The male is so small  it usually goes unnoticed.

Huntsman - loves to come indoors and into cars. 
Huntsman spiders can get very big and although they are not aggressive or dangerous, their bite is quite painful. Having one of these on the ceiling of your bedroom is not conducive to sleep. Having them racing backwards and forward over your hands as you try to steer a car is downright dangerous. (True story) Closed doors and windows are no hindrance as they flatten themselves out and slip through the narrowest of cracks.


Deb said...

oh the nightmares I have had with huntsman spiders. We found one on our bathroom mirror on the weekend. He was big enough to wrap up the dog and carry her away for a snack.
I do TRY to rescue and release but that reflex action of squash first and ask questions later is hard to overcome.

Christine said...

We have 12 tarantulas. And I like them... as long as they stay in their cages, in the cage enclosure. If one gets out, I'm moving out until it's found!

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mauz said...

Oh my goodness!!!
Are all tarantulas deadly?