Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Been a while.....
Decided to start blogging again and try the A-Z April Challenge.
Will be posting lots of photos with a few words thrown in!
Still spending obscene amounts of money on photography equipment. The truth is if you have a true photographer's heart and eye you can take photos that elicit emotions and tell wonderful stories. And you can do this just as well with an old Box Brownie.
PS This is a Box Brownie for those too young to know. The first models made in 1900 were made of cardboard. Of course there are older cameras than these , but Box Brownies (not the 1900 models) are as far as I go back..ahem..some may dispute this. Ignore them.
The camera underneath is my Nikon D7000. With all its whistles and bells I love it as a piece of clever technology but it hasn't made me any better a photographer!