Friday, April 06, 2012

F is for.....

FROGS, glorious frogs! I built it and they came! (Sorry Kevin)
Wanted birds, planted trees, yearned for amphibians, put in ponds. Now I can't put down a glass of water for five minutes without a bug eyed resident depositing hundreds of eggs in it.
And don't talk to me about tadpoles! Scooping one's hand into anything with water in it will gather a squillion little black squirmers. And the cacophany when the come- bonk- with me serenade starts! The common as muck brown striped swamp frog sounds like dozens of tennis balls being pounded down the court, while Peron's Tree Frog is most aptly commonly called the "maniacal cackling frog". I shall leave it to your imagination but he wouldn't be out of place in Luna Park's House of Horror.
Strange as I may seem, I love them all.

 Romancing the frog.. a lot of this goes on in my garden
they don't call him common for nothing.

 Peron's Tree Frog , above and below..shy, elusive 
with a voice to shred your eardrums.

My garden - there really are ponds underneath all that shrubbery. 

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