Sunday, May 06, 2007

The local cats!

Hello old blogspot! Have been unfaithfully cavorting with another cyberspace program, namely flickr. Fot those who haven't run across flickr it's a photo sharing site that allows you to publish your photos and get feedback from all those millions of other mad shutterbugs out there.
Let me say this. If you have an addictive nature do not try flickr. It gets you on the first hit. "Hit" being the first positive comment you get on one of your photos. It goes quickly from a passing flirtation to a full on passionate affair, madly joining different interest groups and waiting impatiently for the feedback and feeling spurned when no one notices a particluarly fine shot. (in your opinion at least)
Now the upside to this is that you are motivated to continually widen your horizons and improve your photographic techniques. The downside is there are so many hundreds of superb photographers out there that looking at their photo streams can send you into a deep depression and tempt you to hock that super duper "semi pro" digital slr and buy a paint- by-numbers kit.
It's worse when they own the SAME camera as you and get results that make yours look like a "look what happened when we gave this to a chimp" experiment.
Like any addiction it is all consuming and my house is chaotic (hey at LAST something to blame besides innate laziness) my dog is unwashed and there are two websites and a number of posters waiting to be finished.
I will get to them. Just have to check my Flickr site to see if anyone liked my last batch and maybe sort through some old photos that might be worth posting.....
For anyone who would like take a look at what all my fuss is about:

and, ahem, feel free to leave a comment on anything that takes your eye!