Tuesday, June 27, 2006

To have and to hold...
Have not been able to miss the media hysteria over that wedding this weekend. It's true the bride was beautiful, and gracious amid all the hullaballoo, the groom handsome, the dresses exquisite etc, but they were totally outshone by a celebration and ceremony taking place half a city away.
I was privileged to join in a gathering of friends and family who were celebrating a couple's lifetime of love and achievement. After fifty years of life together, the love these two people have for each other remains as steadfast as the day they were married.
Standing in front of the marriage celebrant, hands clasped tightly, these two beautiful and dignified people reaffirmed the vows they made half a century ago.
Congratulations Norm and Shirl for showing the world how it should be done...no fanfares, no limousines, just living your life with love and respect for each other and your family.

Now Nic and Keith that's one hard act to follow!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wow..so easy!
Just been listening to a cd of "Hat Trick" a band that started in 1982 and has celebrated its second "reunion" with a "retrospective cd" launch. The venue was the Harp in Newtown, Sydney on Sunday 18th June. What an amazing atmosphere. A combination of virtuoso talent,vibrant personalities and absolute joy in performing produced an afternoon of riveting entertainment.
Michael Fix began the afternoon with a solo set on guitar. On his cd "Web of Dreams" he says that he likes to create pictures with his music. And this is what he did. His music passes through many moods, thoughtful, playful, downright mischievous! Front row at the Harp with Michael Fix's music enveloping all...and he's playing just for me...he he!!