Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for...

I always think of yellow as a happy colour.
It radiates such positive vibes. Not by chance was the ribbon tied to the old oak tree a bright welcoming yellow.
Some of the most beautiful flowers are yellow, daffodils, daisies, sunflowers to name a few. A splash of yellow on a dull day can lift the spirits.
And when yellow puts on its best dress and becomes gold it is sensational. Just think of the warm rich glow of yellow gold, the magnificence of the golden pheasant or the golden yellow of a sunrise.

The world would be such a dull place without yellow.

Australian Native Hibiscus

Sunrise off Exmouth in WA

Golden Pheasant at Featherdale Wildlife Park

Daisy from my back garden


Anonymous said...

Snap ... I did yellow too ... and I still love your pics (colour = green).

Grover said...

My bedroom is yellow. It's apparently not a good colour for being able to relax and sleep (and would be better in a study or office), but I manage just fine!