Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for.....

 JELLYBEANS - juicy joy in a jar! Giver of comfort to small owners of hurt knees and sore fingers, consolation administered by doctors after painful shots. Not to mention their use for the purposes of bribery, as in, eat all your yummy sprouts and you can have a jellybean to take away the disgusting taste.
I love jellybeans but am not usually supposed to eat them, unless I am having a hypo and need to get my blood sugars up fast.
It's almost worth the discomfort of a hypo when I first pop one of those forbidden little beans into my mouth and savour the delicious flavour and chewiness.
Darn, I really have a craving for one right now!

JUMP FOR JOY....look mum I can fly.

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Pati Morris said...

Ahh, I bought a small bag yesterday (on sale after Easter) and put them out in a candy dish - they were gone within a few hours! Of course, I had help from two hungry teen-aged boys and my husband!