Monday, April 09, 2012

I is for...

IBIS, a nuisance to some a beautiful creature to others. We have a local park whose ponds have been taken over by Australian White Ibis. Great controversy raged for a while about their origins and claims to residence. Some people wanted to shoot them, poison them, drive them away. (Where have we heard all this before).
Thankfully common sense and understanding prevailed. A program of egg culling reduced numbers to more sustainable levels and the ibis can still be found arguing and fussing in communal nests in the park ponds.
The sight of ibis grazing in a soggy paddock after rain always makes me think of Egypt,  pharoahs and pyramids. They are elegant and graceful, but unfortunately have learned that the presence of man means food in the form of litter and rubbish and they more often than not frequent rubbish tips, their beautiful white plumage becoming soiled by the muck around them.


Dianna Fielding said...

They are a very pretty bird. It's a shame when an invasive species damages local wild life, but these folks seem to be doing all right for themselves. Egg culling is probably the best option.

Good luck with the challenge! It looks like you're ahead!

Dianna Fielding

mauz said...

Thanks for visiting Dianna, I am a bit ahead...forgot and posted on Sunday!