Sunday, April 08, 2012

H is for..

HERMAPHRODITE...particularly the kind that eats my vegetables, chomps my seedlings and leaves silver trails all over the back doormat.
How do they find my stuff? Lettuce planted in a container on the top shelf of my greenhouse were  midnight snacks. Seedlings, surrounded by piles of allegedly deadly snail killing pellets, were chomped down to the roots.
AND this myth about the "slow snail" is totally misleading. While no one is watching I reckon these molluscs are fast! How else could they climb shelves and walls and get around my entire garden in one night?
And another question. Why don't the slimy  little sods eat weeds?
I can't bring myself to stomping on them either, they have such cute little heads. Obviously I am not relocating them far enough away.

Tiny, tiny snailshell in my birdbath, 
caught the early morning light
and turned into gold.

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Deb said...

I find it difficult to work out which snail is a native Aussie and which is an import. I find the beer traps I put down seems to attract the Aussie snails. Funny that!!!
Maybe if I put down some red wine we'll get a feed of escargo.