Monday, January 15, 2007

A Bad case of Verbal Diarroeah!
Going through a bout of insomnia I simultaneously "worked" on my computer (read "surfed the net") and half listened to and watched an American morning show. Good god how those people can talk. It's almost as if they are frightened that if they stop talking something terrible will happen to them. Sort of like the characters in the movie where the bus has to keep going at a certain speed or the bomb strapped underneath it will explode. The frenetic yapping and the way the various guests and hosts talk over and around each other may be motivated by fear that they will fade from the screen if the words stop flowing-or maybe their heads will explode. Mine certainly felt like it after ten minutes. Perhaps if they had something substantial or midly interesting to say it would be less irritating, but these guys rabbited on about the most banal topics. Take for example, the segment on "rugs". Not the interesting and always potentially humorous rugs that some hair challenged males wear, but floor rugs. The interviewer, a big- haired, whippet thin woman in outrageously high stillettos, asked the rug expert questions and reiterated the answers before the interviewee had finished speaking. Actually when you think of it it takes some sort of skill to talk non stop for ten minutes on ways to lay a rug on a floor. And I don't recall seeing either host or guest stopping to take a breath. Tag talking?

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